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Nov 19 2018

Asian Craft Co.,LTD - Capacity Profile

Thuyen Village, Hoa Binh Commune, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Asian Craft Co., Ltd. is a company with great strength and potential in producing and supplying handicraft products.
We are always confident to cooperate, bring satisfaction to customers about the unique handicraft items bearing bold ethnic culture that very few other handicraft production units bring. .
Owning a staff of enthusiastic and enthusiastic staffs with expertise in investment in machinery and infrastructure, we have the capacity to meet all requirements of high complexity. Handmade products.


Born, release

Going from the traditional village, on the production side to providing handicraft products, to better meet the needs of the market and the customers seeking unique ideas, bearing the spirit and bold value. Ethnic culture. In 2013 we decided to set up a two-member company and get the name

South East Asia Aesthetic Handicraft Manufacture and Import Export Co., Ltd. operates independently to approach and meet all requirements of domestic and international customers.


We reach our goal of becoming one of the exporters by 2020

Together with that, the company expects to reach 20 billion dong revenue with a stable office system staff of 20 dynamic, enthusiastic and sticky staffs.


Southeast Asia Aesthetic Handicraft Manufacturing and Import Export Co., Ltd. declares its mission:

+ For employees: The company always creates favorable conditions for working, giving preferential policies on recruitment, training and welfare.

+ For customers: The company always meet and satisfy the needs of domestic and international customers with new innovative products in the idea still unique bold national culture.

+ For handicraft production in Vietnam: The company always emphasizes the handicraft industry as one of the oldest communication and preserves the national identity of Vietnam.


+ Creative: We focus on research to design unique products, useful to use but still bearing bold cultural values.

+ Leading: We focus, exploit and focus on understanding the market needs to provide products with the highest conquest.

+ Main products: Produce products from buffalo horn, sculpture stone and fine art


We believe that talent is the key to success and the most valuable assets of the business

To create quality products and unique designs, the company has invited many skilled artisans to work together.

Capacity Profile