Promote the export of handicrafts of Hanoi

May 11 2017

With the advantage of more than 1,000 traditional craft villages, Hanoi wishes to boost the export of handicrafts, in order to improve the lives of the village people and the socio-economic development of the capital.

The Limited in exports

Hanoi has 36 trade villages, 1,350 handicraft villages, many of which are handicraft villages with hundreds of years of development such as Bat Trang pottery, Van Phuc silk, Duyen Thai lacquer, Knitting Kieu Ky, Quat Dong embroidery, American professional mosaics, Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo ... Hanoi trade villages have been contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the Capital; Poverty reduction, economic restructuring, labor structure; Building new countryside.

However, the reality is that handicraft production has traditionally been underdeveloped, lack of creativity, sophistication and lack of competitiveness. Even so, many models made under foreign orders should only be able to meet certain shipments in a certain time, unsustainable. Therefore, despite the potential, the export value and contribution of this sector is limited.

In addition, businesses and craft villages produce and sell only what they have, less information on how the market needs products and not align the value chain from the design of the sample. Code, supply raw materials to production and consumption.

Mr. Luu Duy Dan, Chairman of Vietnam Handicraft Village Association, said that in the context of strong international integration, it is necessary to make good investment in designing the model for market development.

"Integration and then to sell what you have, do not improve the design and product innovation is lost on the ground. We need to learn Japanese about the development of handicrafts. Japan does not have as many ingredients as we do, but it is very rich, "Dan said.

Promoting trade promotion

Tran Thi Phuong Lan, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, told reporters that Hanoi has provided much support to businesses and commercial establishments related to craft villages. . In particular, the city has organized trade promotion programs, industry promotion programs, and invited local and foreign consultants to come to the craft villages to open training courses. Relate to the product code to improve the village business skills, how to have the products to meet the needs of consumers in the country.

After 6 times, Hanoi Handicraft Gifts Fair has helped create favorable conditions for enterprises and handicraft production establishments to seek international cooperation opportunities. Produce and export this great potential. This year, the city also held a design contest and has over 40 sets of products won. Next is to organize enterprises to promote trade in domestic and foreign markets in order to seek output for craft villages and organize industrial extension training programs to provide vocational training and support to Craft villages.

She also said that in addition to export, the domestic market is also very important, and also the State agencies as well as businesses pay close attention. The city also organized many business delegations to participate in provincial fairs to promote products and let the local people know the famous craft villages of Hanoi.

"We also held a trade village tour to buy village products. Connecting businesses with hotels and restaurants, resorts to how the village products can be put into large hotels, cafes, ecotourism, this year we have also invited over 10 Thousands of visitors to visit shopping at the fair, "deputy director of Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade emphasized.

As an active participant in trade fairs organized by the Department of Industry and Trade, Le Thi Thuan, Director of South East Asia Handicrafts Production and Export Company Limited, Attending the fair and always looking for more new customers, orders.

"In previous years, the company has signed export contracts to Japan worth $ 8,000, to France worth $ 15,000 ... and still continue to export to these markets. The city has a lot of support such as free booth rental, translation interpreter ... to facilitate business, "she said.

Deputy Director of Ha Noi Department of Industry and Trade Tran Thi Phuong Lan said that in order to export handicrafts, domestic enterprises should try a lot. Because of the handicraft villages, enterprises now mainly produce handicrafts, small and not meet the requirements of quality standards, as well as the number of foreign importers. Many businesses receive large orders not dare to accept, because mobilizing the whole village do not meet the requirements of quantity and delivery time.

With the advantage of more than 1,000 traditional villages, TP. Hanoi wishes to promote the export of handicrafts, in order to improve the living standard of the village and socio-economic development. The city will continue to implement mechanisms to support enterprises, village production facilities to borrow capital, expand production sites, promote trade ...

Promote the export of handicrafts of Hanoi